First: What is the Diploma of New Media about?

The Diploma of New Media, certified by the Sabahattin Zaim University (Turkey) and the International Relations Academy (IRA), is a professional diploma that builds capacity and enhances expertise on the fundamentals means and skills of new media and e-marketing; foundations and types of communication via social media, the key skills required for administrators of websites and social media accounts, based on practical expertise and field experiences, at the hand of a selection of experts, academics and specialists.

Second: Curriculum

The Diploma courses focus on the analytical and theoretical frameworks that participants should experience, on the one hand, and the key practical and applied skills and experience that they must acquire or develop among themselves, on the other hand. Therefore, IRA devotes the largest proportion of hours scheduled for this diploma (100 hours) for skills and practical aspects, according to the following plan:

1) Introduction to Media: Foundations and Theories

  • New Media: Concept and Characteristics.
  • New Media: Theories.
  • Applications and Means.

2) Writing and managing electronic content

  • The concept and characteristics of electronic text.
  • Editing electronic texts.
  • Writing news for websites.
  • Press stories for websites.
  • Content management skills for websites.

(3) Writing for Social Media

  • The basics of writing for Social Media.
  • Press forms of Social Media.
  • Types and characteristics of platforms.

(4) E-marketing skills

  • Studying the audience.
  • Account management.
  • Content promotion.
  • Promotion on browsers.
  • Social Media promotion (YouTube, Instagram, …).

(5) Creation of new media visual content

  • Producing static designs on Adobe Photoshop.
  • Producing static designs on Adobe illustrator.
  • Video Maker Graf on Adobe Premiere.
  • Video Making on Adobe After Effects.

(6) New media specialized skills

  • Information security through websites.
  • Information security through social networking sites.

Third: Study Program

1- The participant studies 5 subjects, and each subject has 10 lectures distributed over 3 months.

2- Each lecture lasts two hours, with a total of 100 training hours.

3- Lectures are delivered on a regular basis at IRA’s headquarters; and transmitted online to residents outside Turkey.

4- There is an online written exam for all students at the end of the program.

5- The student obtains an electronic copy of the most important sources of courses.

6- Teaching methodology: lectures, presentations, assignments, team work, brainstorming, and research project.

 Fourth: Registration

– The subscription fee is U.S. $500 payable upon registration.

– Subscription fees do not include fees of the certificate accredited by the Turkish University.

– Special discount of 10% is offered for groups, with a minimum of 5 participants in the group.

– Registration link is here

Fifth: Public Relations

00905466654040 / 00905466654449 / 00905466654441

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